It is hard to accept and to witness that your friend is dying and you can see the pain in her or his eyes. It may be a big burden to all the people that they are going to miss someone and they can’t be seeing each other forever. We tend to question our faith to God and they would think about many things as well. You should not make the life harder for you and for your friend. It is nice to make a place where you can get together before he or she leaves this place.  


If he or she is staying with a hospice Colorado Springs care, then you need to visit him or her most of the time so that you could see the situation. This person can remember you all the time and will always have a good memory with him or her. This is the perfect time to show the love and care that you have for this best friend of yours. He or she may not be that expressive but you need to understand the condition that she or he is suffering as of now.  

We can’t blame others that they feel happy when their friends die with a happy face. It means that they end their lives without feeling the struggle and the pain in their heart. This is the time that they need to rest and not to suffer that kind of pain that they need to accept every single day of their lives. Many people would believe that you should spend more time and cherish all the happy memories. There are many steps and ideas for you to spend more time and the quality activities that both of you can do.  

There are some people who don’t want to insult their friend so they are going to get some information from the other people like the relatives. In this way, you could research in advance about the different symptoms and possible things that you can do for them. You should avoid telling them about what they need to do as they don’t want to experience being treated like a sick person. You should get along with them and treat them like there is nothing wrong.  

It is a nice way to show them to be positive by showing some happiness. Avoid letting them more emotional as it is not going to help them to cope up with the current situation. You can watch movies that are having happy ideas and concept so that they could smile and forget some of their worries.  

When your loved ones or friends are feeling sad, it is nice that you will be always there to cheer them up. They would feel good and pleasant because they can always trust you whenever they need someone to talk with. Avoid talking about sensitive topics as there are too emotional this time. Try to lighten the topic and do some activities that they want to try to avoid confrontations from them